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Turnkey Business Management System
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Turnkey Information Systems has developed the Turnkey Business Management System over the last 18 years specifically for the retail trading market to assist in the proper management of these businesses.

The Turnkey BMS is much more than just a Point of Sale system, even though Point of Sale does play a very important role in the control of your business. Turnkey BMS helps you to manage your complete value chain, from ordering items from Suppliers; keeping track of inventory to selling the items to your Customer base for a profit.
If you are an existing Customer and need support, you can download our Team Viewer Quick Support from here.

Key Information

The System is Easy to Use - Training a new Cashier takes less than 15 minutes
We make use of an Industrial Strength Database Management System (Firebird)
Runs on the Industry Standard Microsoft Windows Operating System
We have a proven track record of more than 18 years of assisting traders/retailers
The System is affordable
We continuously improve the Turnkey Business Management System
We provide for Single Branches/Business's as well as larger organisations consisting of Multiple Branches with a Head Office environment
We believe remote support is more effective and cost efficient than on-site support, but do still provide on-site support if required
We require our Customers to have access to either DSL or 3G/4G, so that we can effectively deliver support if required
"We do not answer hidden number and private number calls. Our insurances are paid up and we have enough cell phone contracts."

DIY / Hardware and Paint Stores




Restaurants / Pubs and Take Away's


Parts and Services Companies


Canteens and Staff Shops


Liquor Stores


Novelty and Toy Stores


Clothing and Shoe Stores



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